Call Center

Types of Call Center

Outbound Call, Inbound Call, Automated call 

The contact center is a central point from which all customer contacts are managed . It is generally a part of the company’s customer relationship 

Call Center
Inbound Call

Every business needs a way of supporting their customers if they want to stay competitive. But it isn’t enough to just have a phone number your customers can call if they need assistance. Businesses need a streamlined, process-driven method for handling incoming calls so they can manage communications quickly and effectively

Outbound Call

It’s common for organizations to outsource some or all of their outbound calling through third-party outbound call center services. Different outbound call centers companies vary but outbound calling services generally cover one or more of the following: Lead generation Appointment setting Scheduled callbacks Customer surveys Telesales, up sales, and renewals Customer retention

Automated call

Many call, email and text messaging related business tasks can be automated. Incoming call can be automatically answered and routed to the appropriate department. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be answered by a interactive voice response system. Appointment reminders can be sent as automated phone messages.

A call center works as a communication channel that customers use to report requests or complaints to a business. Customer support and service representatives who work in call centers answer phone calls from customers who need help addressing a specific issue. Reps will then work to solve the customer’s problem either during the first interaction or in a follow-up email or call

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